the Class of 1965 had Two Homecoming Queens

Some of you may have forgotten but the class of 1965 actually had two homecoming queens. This was the first class in Cocoa High School history to elect a Homecoming Queen in both their junior and senior years. The 1963 -64 Homecoming Queen was Nancy Oswald and the 1964-65  Homecoming Queen was Mary Repass.*



1964 Homecoming Queen

Nancy Oswald


1964 Homecoming Court

Clyde Stevens crowns Nancy Oswald

1965 Homecoming Queen

Mary Repass

1965 Homecoming Court

Nancy Oswald crowns Mary Repass

both the incoming and outgoing Queens from the class of '65













INTERESTING FOOTNOTE:  The daughter of Mary Repass (Shandy) was the 1986 Homecoming Queen for Cocoa High School.

.......and you may wonder just who the greatest class of CHS was?