Latest Emails Received Regarding the 2005 Reunion (courtesy of Bob DeWitt)

What a FANTASTIC job you guys did on the reunion!! I truly appreciate
all the hard work that went into it which made it flow so smoothly and made
me feel so welcome! Thanks to one and all!
Barbara Jo Fulford Law
The reunion was wonderful.  It was very professionally organized and executed, from check-in and great packets to beautiful decorations and entertainment.  The DoubleTree was a great choice.  It was obvious that a great deal of time, effort and care were put into this event, and we wanted you to know how much we appreciated all you did.  We had a great time from beginning to end. 
Thank you for coming through for the Class of '65.  It couldn't have been done without you.
Bob and Wendy Busk
Gainesville, Florida
Great shindig! I am so glad I attended, even with my bad knee. (I just found out Monday morning at the doctor's office that the knee pain was aggravated by bursitis and that is why it was hurting so much last 4 days)
You guys should be highly commended for your hard work and organizational skills. Everything about the weekend was pleasant.
I am glad I brought my humble Musical Memory Test to the party, I think it was well enjoyed.
I hope you guys have had a chance to enjoy my 3 CD collection of Top 40 hits.
See you in five!
I just wanted to thank the committee for all their hard work, dedication
and commitment to making this the best reunion yet. I had a great time
and everyone I spoke with feels the same. Your efforts are truly
appreciated. You all are a true reflection as to why the class of '65 is
"still the best alive".

Rick Shotwell

I want to thank everyone on the committee for a wonderful reunion, you all did a great job in the planning.  The food, the band, the DJ, the decorations, our address book were fantastic and the DVD and CD's are so appreciated and wonderful idea.  They have all been great but I really believe you all outdid yourselves this year.  I am already looking forward to the next one and hope to take a part in the planning.

Thank you all again for a job well done.  Don't feel I have said enough to express my appreciation but don't know what else to say.  I know everyone in our party had a great time, I heard no complaints.

Thank you and hope to see you all around before the 2010 reunion.

Diane Vickers Oliver

Thanks for the email. So pleased to hear that everyone had a good time --
they usually do even if there are hidden problems in setting things up for
the "final coming together." They were always fun no matter what in the past

Congratulations to you and the entire committee for all your hard work.  I
for one know that no attendee can even imagine what the committee does, so I
thank you for all your work.

Sorry I missed the reunion, but while away, I enjoyed BOTH of my
grandchildren.  My son (& his wife & baby) came from California to join Amy
(& her baby) and me. I had a glorious time being a grandmother the entire

Good luck in trying to gather a few new prospects for the committee in
planning for the next one.  Is it 5 years or 10years this time?

Take care...give  Cheryl my best, too.

Mary Schindehette Gregory

I waited forty years to come to a class reunion and it was a lot of fun, thanks to the committee that made it all possible.  Your work and worry resulted in a very enjoyable event!  The tour of  the school brought back lots of memories.
Kathleen Cunningham
Fairfield, California

I know you are probably exhausted and don't even want to consider it. Forgive me, but I have gotten Lance Weight to say he will come to the next reunion if you and Mary feel like taking it on again!!
I have e mailed Lennie Turpin, with no reply. He was a VERY close friend of mine our senior year and afterwards. I feel like he would reply if he actually read my email. So, if I don't hear from him in a few weeks I may get up the nerve to actually write a real note and mail it to the newer address you had on the list. I just want to know he is okay and tell him we missed him.
I wish I had spoken with more folks.Hope you and Cheryl are actually getting some rest this weekend. Praying hurricane season is kind to you.
I do not have Microsoft outlook, so I don't have the computer ability to e mail folks that way.
God bless you,

You asked for input about when to have next reunion. What about again next month? OK just kidding.  Not more than five years from now, ten years would be just too long at our age.  I'm getting to where I don't even recognize myself in the mirror much less recognize anyone else, LOL.

Diane Vickers Oliver

The 40th reunion was an outstanding success.  A great time was had by everyone.  During the reunion, heard a lot of people saying this was the most fun reunion they had attended.  Have been getting many emails about how great the reunion was and how much fun they had.  I want to thank everyone who told me how much they liked the emails I have been sending out.  I will miss sending these out when things calm down.  We will be looking for new blood to help when the next reunion planning starts again.  This is the third reunion planned by most of the committee.  We will have a post reunion meeting on July 28th at 6:30 in the Cocoa Library on second floor.  We the committee would like feed back from those who attended.  Also when would you want to see another reunion?  Five or ten years from now.  Send us your inputs.
Bob & Cheryl DeWitt
Rockledge, FL

The reunion was fantastic!!   Gary & I had so much fun.   Just got back from another trip and I will send you the pictures that I took.   I am looking forward to another great time with you fun folks in another 5 years!  I hope by then we will be retired back somewhere in that area and will be able to help out with the planning!
Thanks for all your hard work...
Lind (Joiner) Kolumbus
 I think the band was excellent, but next time I would personally rather have the money go towards a sit-down dinner and less noise.  The band made it impossible to hold a conversation, both because it was loud and because I think it's getting progressively harder and harder to distinguish voices from music.  As an alternative, perhaps you could ask the attendees to prepare a spoof of someone from school, maybe even themselves, and let the audience try to figure out who it is.  Or you could ask those who can play an instrument to play something from the Sixties (Bob would be willing to play Four Strong Winds, I'm pretty sure).  Or, perhaps best of all, you could ask people to say something about their lives, who if any teacher from CHS had a lasting impression on them or shaped a part of their life, to describe any enduring friendships from high school... or what life-changing event occurred since high school... you get the idea.  This is something I have wanted to hear from my own class ('64), because that's the kind of thing I'm there for.  We should be our own entertainment!  We are family and we care about each other, yes?  And I think once every five years is great!  How about a joint 1964-65 reunion?
Thank you all on the committee for a fabulous 40th reunion.
Wendy Wenner Busk
It definitely  was the most fun reunion I've attended.  I went to the 10 and 20 also.  I think at this point in our lives there aren't any pretenses of who we are or what we do, or have done.  We are who we are and that is ok!  I thought the tour of our old school was a great way to kick off reuniting with others.  I know it is so much work preparing and I appreciate the dedication of the reunion committee, and hope there will be another in 5 years. Thanks to all of you for making it happen.
Glenda Bell (Bromer)

Yes, I had a wonderful time, thanks to all who put the reunion together!  It
was done so well and I'd like to see another in five years, before we going
on 70!  Again, thank you for all the effort and hard work!

Linda Kobylarski Fessenden
Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 12:18 PM
Subject: Re: CHS & CBHS Class of 65 40th Reunion

Thanks.  I just returned to work this morning.  I had a great time.  Ten years is too long.  Best,  Bob     p.s.  more later
The reunion was GREAT!  There was time to visit, the band was fabulous and starting the band later was good so we could talk before it got loud.  It was so nice seeing everyone.

The next reunion should be in 5 years for my vote.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and many hours devoted to getting everyone there and for so much fun and good food.

Would like to have some emails with pictures taken.

Sharon Ely Pruett


Thanks for all your hard work. It paid off.

In God we trust.
Phil Walter

I enjoyed the reunion and the ability to visit with
old schoolmates.

I would like to see a 45 year one. Maybe one with only
one day dinner party instead of the two day affair.
Then have one for 50 years a little more elaborate and
do the two or three day one again.

I want to thank all the classmates who put in so much
time and effort on the reunion. I know it takes a lot
of coordination to put these on.

When I am retired and living in Florida I will be
willing to help. Not sure it will be in five years
though pretty sure will be in ten years.

Thanks again - Jay Riches

I think every 5 years is great. I made a remark to Mary Repass about 50 year reunion. If I am alive I will come, but I think we need a 45 year reunion too. Suzy Rudolph told me that we can live long enough to make it til 50 year reunion, but we don't want to give up the every 5 years!
Please tell Mary how much we appreciate her hard work too. She is very gracious. She has always been a beautiful person inside as well as gorgeous. I would have LOVED to take pictures of everyone. I did not get enough folks photographed. Would love to have taken a picture of you and Cheryl together. My husband has a really bad back and insisted we leave not long after the band started playing.
Please keep me posted on how YOU are doing! I would really miss hearing from you. You are after all a Veteran, and as such will always be an American hero to me.
May God bless and keep you safely in his care,
Linda Poff

I had a wonderful time at the reunion.  The whole weekend was the most fun I've had since the 2000 reunion.  Great seeing you and a lot of the best alive class of 65.  I hope we have more attending the next one - hopefully, more from Cocoa Beach.

Friday night I lost my diamond tennis bracelet somewhere in the Doubletree dining room or the reunion room.  The hotel searched for it the following Saturday but it didn't turn up.  If it was turned in to anyone on the reunion committee, would you please let me know?  Also, if there is a newsletter, could a lost and found section be added mentioning that I lost my bracelet.  Thanks.

Donna Witek

 The reunion was fantastic! Thanks to you and all of the committee for planning this so perfectly. I have posted a few pictures, but I have more. When I have some time, I'll put the rest of them up.
Linda MacCleave
 thank you so much for your emails.  I would have loved to have attended as this is the first I have missed but it was impossible this time as we have a daughter in the Marshall Islands and are planning a trip there in the next couple weeks.  I thought of everyone the whole week end.  I know it must have been great.
Linda Speckman Oliver
Please count me among those who attended this reunion and said it was the best ever!  I enjoyed it and felt that the activities planned for it were just enough--not too much or too little.  It was organized and carefully planned.  I offer my services for the next one, even if it is in five years and along with mosquito beaters.  (This has been one of the ideas I have heard.)  I also heard something about planning a (another) grand one for the #50.  I can fly in for two meetings, I have free time on my cell and I am fairly good with a computer as well as time to do stuff. Of course, things change, but this is an offer.  Please consider me. 

Again, a grand time and it keeps getting better with the posting of pictures! 

Joan Realino

Just wanted to let you know that even though I didn't get to attend the reunion.  And it turned out to be a good thing I didn't go.  My daughter had
emergency surgery the week of .............I really did appreciate getting all the updates.  You did a fantastic job.
At our age, I think 5 yrs. might be best ( at least, speaking for myself, when I leave the house I might have a better chance remembering where I'm supposed to be going).  Ha ha... How many attended?  Will there be any pix on line?
Kathie (Haynes) Kinsey
Gawd, if we wait for 10 years we'll all be pushing 70!  I think sooner is better.  So my vote goes for a 45th reunion.  And I hope to see everyone there!  Thanks for spearheading the committee.  Great job and great fun!
Warmest regards,
Rickey Johnston Wallace
I too enjoyed the Reunion very much.  The Doubletree was wonderful, the
band was boss, the dancing was great, the beach was beautiful and the
classmates were fantastic.

I heard that the next reunion will be in ten (10) years.  Think about
that for a minute.  All of us are already 58, of course Gray Ringo is
still 18 but in 10 years most of us we'll be 68.  A 45th reunion, even
if it is informal, might be a good idea.  Maybe we could all meet at a
mosquito beaters in five (5) years.  I'm looking forward to the year
2015 but by the year 2025, we may have to hold the reunion at my house!

Thanks for all your help with planning the 40th reunion.

   Randy Klebs
From: Joyce Crisafulli
Subject: Re: CHS & CBHS Class of 65 40th Reunion

In 10 years I will be 68 and don't think I will be able to dance!  HAHAHA  How about 5?

I received the form from Raines Video and ordered it immediately!
Thanks for having such a great idea and getting it to work! I was interviewed together with Linda Bates and the young fellow was very professional and comfortable to interact with.

I agree that the reunion was a great success and many thanks to the
committee for all the hard work.  I didn't go on the school tour, but heard
that it was a lot of fun and about 30 people did attend.  If a group is
willing to plan another reunion in 5 or ten years, maybe another tour, night
before happy hour, or a planned time for other activities could be included.
  I got the email from Ed Sears about a gathering.  I feel we have a strong
support group and a great nucleus of about 200 people that really like to
get together once in a while.  Bob Mayo's website is very well done and a
great source of information.  Maybe, get-togethers at Mosquito Beaters would
work.  I've never been to a Mosquito Beaters event but do hope to go to one
in the next couple of years.  Whatever, thanks again for the good times.    
    Mike Thomas
Sorry to be responding so late, but I have not had much time to check messages lately. Yes! The Reunion was great fun! Thanks to you and all of the ones who made it happen. I really appreciated the committee updates and info. regarding what was going on...Thanks so much. I think our next reunion should be after my facelift and weight loss of 40 lbs! Actually, it does not matter, except since we are getting on in years, we might want to see each other every 5 years...Too many people might "pop off" or lose interest if you have it in 10 years.
Thanks again!
Jo Autrey Harned
I an my way out of town for a week.  Thank Ed so much for setting something like this up.  I will write/mail him when I return directly.  A few of us have tried to do lunch when a few people are in town, but this makes it more organized, especially for the out-of-towners.  Also, I am trying to make Mosquito Beaters this year. And remember that I have said for the next reunion, I commit to whatever I can do on a computer as well as two trips to Florida to help.  Joan Realino


The general theme that I see on reading all the emails is that if we wait another 10 years we will all be 68 years old. How many of us will be around then? How many of us will be in good enough health to make the travel? And how many of us will still have enough memory to remember who our classmates were?

Seriously, I agree we shouldn't wait ten years and yes, duplicate this past reunion, it was great. 

Diane Vickers Oliver


Sounds like you were incredibly successful with the reunion.  I am very sorry that I missed it.  I don't know when next I may be in Rockledge to visit family, but would love to get caught up with you.
Frank Witte