Class News and Events from 2011 - 2012

March 2012 Mosquito Beaters and Mini Reunion
The class held their latest mini reunion in conjunction with the 2012 Mosquito Beaters Reunion. Many members of the class of 1965, joined by members of other adjacent classes at CHS, MIHS and CBHS, met at the Friday night Mosquito Beaters Reunion held at Bernice Jackson Park in Sharpes, Florida. Many classmates later found their way to Norman's in Cocoa to continue the event. The Saturday night mini reunion was held at the Cocoa Elk's Club in Cocoa. The mini reunion wrapped up on Sunday at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp on the St. John's River.
We have collected many photos from individuals and from Facebook postings. Additional photos will be added as they are received.


To see the photos and videos that we have collected click these links  

Celebration of Life for Tom Whitley
Mosquito Beaters 2012 photos
 Frtiday Night at Norman's
Photos of Girls in the Mountains, August 2012
Photos taken at the November 2012 class mini reunion 
 2012 Mini-Reunion photos 

The Mailbag - recent news, emails and other sendins
 High School Reunions - from Rickey Wallace 

Walk Down Memory Lane 
John and Janna Hower forwarded these photos of the 10th class reunion held in 1975 


CHS Mini Reunion, November 19, 2011

Click HERE to see photos of the 2011 Mini Reunion at the Jimmies in Rockledge

2011 Mosquito Beaters Reunion

The annual Mosquito Beaters Reunion was held on March 11 - March 12, 2011 and classmates from our class and adjacent classes met later at Jimmies Restaurant in Rockledge, FL for a gathering. We have obtained over 200 photos of these events from the various facebook postings and you can view them HERE

The Cherokee Bob Halloween Retirement Party

Bob Mayo recently retired and was honored by a Halloween retirement party thrown by his coworkers on October 23, 2010. Johnny Waits (CHS '65) made the trip from Panama City, FL to attend and we have the photos to prove it.


to see all the photos from this event click HERE 

Girls in the Mountains - part Deux 
Some of the girls recently met at Annita's mountain cabin in North Georgia for a few days to renew some friendships and enjoy each other's company. We have obtained these photos from our class facebook groups which provides yet another reason for joining this group


You can see the photos HERE
An open letter from Larry Johnston

 Larry Johnston sent this open Letter to the Class of 1965. Click HERE We are starting to see responses to the Larry Johnston Letter to the Class of 1965. Click HERE to see them.

April 8, 2010 Mini Reunion at Norman's 
A mini reunion was held at Norman's Lounge in Cocoa Village on April 8, 2010. Word went out to be there or be square. Teachers were invited and four turned out, Mr Tournabean, Mr. Eshbach, Dabney Davis and Coach Morse. These photos were posted on the class facebook group by Mary Repass. ...........And yet another reason as to why you should join this group ! Can you identify these former Cocoa High Teachers ?

Click HERE to see more photos of this event from the facebook group postings.

The Girl's Road Trip

Some of our classmates recently got together for a road trip and posted this photo on the class facebook group. You can see more photos taken during this event on the class facebook group or by clicking HERE.

Jim Cody in Vietnam

Mary Repass found a book which details Jim Cody's experiences in Vietnam. Click HERE to read.

Recent Classmate Deaths


(click on photo to see the obituary)

Judy Taylor | Gene Melvin | Paul Bennett | Kathleen Cunningham | Chris Lallement | Evelyn Fox Shipp | Kenneth Terrell

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