the Great 8 & Friends Reunion of 8/8/8

The Great 8 was the trombone section of the Cocoa High School Missleland Band during our high school years of 1962-1965. All of these members went on to distinguished careers both in and out of the music industry. Prior to graduation in 1965 these members made a pact to come together once again on August 8, 2008 and to offer one last performance as a group. More important than presenting a final performance was the actual reunion of members of this group, some of whom had not seen each other since graduation. Of the eight graduating members six actually made the reunion. I am sure that John Hower or Charles Harris will have more to add to this site sometime in the future. John and Charles have allowed me to post these pictures from their PhotoBucket Web Album. In most cases the name of the photo will list those in the photo. Many classmates and even Don Jennings, the Missleland Band Director, attended this reunion. We wish to thank John Hower, Charles Harris and Mary Repass-Friend for sending us these photos.

Yet one more example of why the Cocoa High School Class of 1965 was truly "best alive !"





read emails from Don Jennings and John Hower here



the Great 8 in 1965 & 2008