the Cocoa High School and Cocoa Beach High School

Class of 1965

50 Year Class Reunion

"the 50"

March 11 - March 20, 2015




The class reunion started on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 with a reunion warmup at the Cocoa Elk's Club with a night of karaoke and dancing. On Friday, March 13 some members of the class, joined by members of other classes, went on a guided tour of the old Cocoa High School. Later that day the class attended the 30th Annual Mosquito Beaters Gathering in Sharpes, Florida and then went to the host hotel for an icebreaker party. Saturday, March 14, 2015 was the main event - the 50 Year Class Reunion at the Holiday Inn Viera Conference Center in Viera, Florida. Class members staying in the host hotel met for a brunch in the hotel restaurant on Sunday, March 15.. There was even a post-reunion party at the Elk's Club in Cocoa on March 15, 2015. Many class members took a five day cruise from March 16-20, 2015.


the Reunion

Recap of reunion events

List of those who attended reunion

List of those taking the class cruise

See the video of the drawing for the free ticket

Reunion Committee photo

Reunion Flyer

Mosquito Beaters Gathering Mailout

Class of 65 Ad in Mosquito Beaters Memory Book


Reunion Event Photos

Photos of pre reunion and post reunion events

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Photos of the tour of the old Cocoa High

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Photos of the Mosquito Beaters Gathering

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 Photos of the Mosquito Beaters Gathering by James Armstrong

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Photos of the ice breaker party

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Photos of the 50 Year Class Reunion

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Photos of the 50 Year Class Reunion by James Armstrong

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Reunion Photos taken by Professionals

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Photos of reunion centerpieces

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Photos from the class cruise

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Photos from the post-reunion Elk's event

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Last minute photos received (various sources)

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My selection of moving or unusual photos of the reunion



Reunion Event Videos

Memorial Wall video shown during the reunion (updated)

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~ Movies of the 50 Year Class Reunion by James Armstrong ~

The Mary Repass Pre-Reunion Events Video
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Reunion video by Mary Repass

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A special thanks to James Armstrong from the Class of 66 for taking some awesome photos for us and to Mary Repass for making the reunion video and to all the class members which makes this class so awesome !


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