2025 Reunion Pictures & Recap

The 2025 reunion was held this year at the local nursing home and turned out to be the best reunion to date. Of the 41 living graduates we had 21 turn out for the event although we had to downgrade that number to 20 during the reunion.. The main event was the reading of the personal message sent by President George Bush III wishing all attendees a successful and fulfilling life. Reunion events included a wheelchair race, a special cooking session dealing with seventy ways to prepare prunes and a sleeping contest. The favorite event of the reunion turned out to be the oxygen bar. The only complaint received during the reunion was the fact that the food was not soft enough and there was not enough Ensure to go around.

Graduates trying to catch a ride to the reunion

Some of the girls got there in style!

Are they saying "we're #1" or what?

Everyone was decked out in their Sunday best!

I knew his name in 1965 but it alludes me now.

It was Ken something or rather.

Graduates peruse the event calendar eagerly awaiting the next nap break.

The excitement was just too much for one classmate.

The dance band filled all classmates with energy not felt in years.