My comments on this past reunion

I, like many other classmates, was a little disappointed when the committee decided to hold the 45th class reunion in March of 2010. Reunions had always been held in June and that seemed most logical to me. But once the decision had been made on a March reunion date I got behind it one hundred percent and decided that nothing was going to keep me away.

I had never attended a Mosquito Beater's Reunion. It seemed like a good idea but there was just not enough interest in that event to make a trip all the way down to Florida just to attend. As it turned out I am so glad that the Mosquito Beater's Reunion was included as a function of our class reunion. I was able to attend both events. I will probably be making the trip to Florida every March now just to attend the Mosquito Beaters Reunion. That will keep me connected with some classmates on a yearly basis between reunions.

We had about 55 classmates attend the Mosquito Beater's Reunion. Adjacent classes were also well represented.

The main event at the Doubletree was as good as any we have ever had. I say that each reunion was the best. I don't know if they are actually getting better or if I am just enjoying them more. The gallery of deceased classmates grows with each reunion and the number of attendees thus decreases. I do not know the final count for this past reunion but I would guess that 160 classmates and spouses attended.

The DJ did an excellent job of providing music and this turned out to be a better choice that a live band. We were actually able to carry on conversations in the event hall without having to yell at each other. Another recent innovation adapted by the planning committee were large type name tags. We could actually read other's tags without having to stick our face in their chest. The large type name tags are actually visible on the 1400 photos we have posted so that you can actually see who the person is in the photo.

I had attended the tour of old Cocoa High during the reunion of 2005 but decided to attend this time just to obtain some photos for the web site. The high school has not changed since my last tour but the assistant principle who conducted it made the tour so much more interesting.

Since I manage the class web site I obtained a lot of pre-reunion information and comments. Many people were against the time of year that the reunion was to be held. Some people were against the event location. And some people were against holding a reunion in conjunction with Mosquito Beater's. I saw emails bounced between people with very negative attitudes towards the reunion itself and towards reunion committee members and their decisions. Let me say to those people that not one reunion attendee had any negative comment about the reunion. All were very appreciative to the reunion committee for staging such a wonderful event and all were glad that they had attended.

To those people who just simply do not attend reunions I have this to say. You missed an excellent event and we would have loved for you to have joined us. To those classmates who were unable to attend due to financial concerns or health reasons I will do my very best to provide you with as much information, photos and movies as I can obtain. At least you can experience some part of what occurred.

Classmates from many locations attended this reunion. Dr. Richard Harmon flew in from Washington State. Roy Elkins flew in from Oklahoma and Robert Robinette took an 18 hour bus trip to make it to the reunion. I appreciate their efforts to make it to the reunion.

I wish to think Linda Joiner Kolumbus and the rest of the reunion committee for their time and effort in presenting such a wonderful event for without these people it simply would not have happened. It anyone has any remaining doubts about the ability of this reunion planning committee just come see me and we will get this thing straightened out.

Our class is truly blessed with some wonderful and talented people. There is absolutely no other class from Cocoa High that is able to carry out an event of this caliber.

As we say in the South "y'all done good !"