For those that did not receive Bob DeWitt's email regarding the post reunion meeting we have it here. The best news is that there WILL be a 45th reunion in 2010.  The email contains other useful information of interest to all classmates. You can click the email to the left to bring up an actual size image.
Post Reunion Meeting Events
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Tour of Old CHS
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Who Came to Reunion 2005 ?
The unofficial results are in. This may have been our best reunion to date! Collected comments included "the food was better than I expected", "the motel was nicer than the last one"& "the band was better than I would have expected". The Reunion Committee did an excellent job in preparing and presenting this reunion and should be commended for the time and effort that they put forth with this event. Ya'll did good !      
The 2005 Reunion Committee consisted of: (left to right along the wall) Mary Repass-Friend, Vivian Granger Shaw, Donna Roesch Durden, Becky Corbitt Hudson, Eric Rhodes (around the table left to right) Pam McNeil Bates, Diane Lloyd Hickenbottom, Bob DeWitt, Dale Chemerys McGlothin, Pat Dewey Tash (front of table) Bill Carew, Grey Ringo Boot & Susan Harward Barwell.

                                                                                                Latest Emails

Hello Class of 65 and all of our friends and lovers. I had such a great time at this reunion that I felt compelled to write everyone who is listed and say WOW. I would really love to hear from everybody on here. Lets not wait another 5 years to talk again. I think small impromptu meetings would be a great time. Let's start opening lines of communication and see what happens. Are you game for some fun?

 Ed Sears

Tiger Couples

Roy Good & Carolyn Anderson Good were just one of the tiger couples at the reunion. You other couples send in your reunion photos.

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2005 Reunion Photos - Page 1

Just having Fun.                       Bill Carew with Linda Ricks Poff and Peggy Adamson Byler. Bill probably had as much fun as anyone !

Old friends reunite.  

 Darlene Martinez and Joan Realino.

Once a Queen, Always a Queen ! We did good when we picked Mary Repass as our Queen in 1964

The Don't Quit Your Day Job Band was the best we have ever had at any reunion.

Photo Contributors

(left) Manny Gutierrez with his wife and (right) Linda Ricks Poff with her husband have contributed most of the photos published here. Thanks to them for their efforts and to their spouses for their support.

I wanted to let everyone know that a company called Raines Video Productions did video tape the reunion.  This is a legit deal that Mary Repass-Friend arranged.  The video is filled with classic interviews and candid close-ups of your classmates.  The video includes highlights from the Friday Night Party and the Saturday Night Dance & Dinner Banquet.  To enhance the video, they added computer graphics and music from the sixties.  You can order your 2 hour DVD or VHS tape by calling 1-800-654-8277 and charge to your Visa/MC.  They said you will get a full refund if not satisfied. To request the video by mail use the following information:
Raines Video Productions                                                      
180 Golf Club Road, Suite 157                
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
(925) 676-4802 or (800) 654-8277 


2005 Reunion Video or DVD

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