Pictures from the 1995 Reunion


This reunion was a nightmare for two womem. They both showed up with the same dress

1995_reunion_3.jpg (75422 bytes)

How could this have ever happened?

Gil Slatton paid me $20 to take this picture of him and a woman who was attending the reunion.

1995_reunion_4.jpg (46482 bytes) 

What the picture doesn't show is how bad she rejected him!

1995_reunion_2.jpg (71204 bytes) 

Here is Gil and Tommy Zimmerman. I have no idea about who the woman is.

The reunion had to move outdoors due to a bomb threat. Here's Roger Windom being spiffy..

.1995_reunion_1.jpg (51313 bytes)

There were three Mayo's there....

.1995_reunion_8.jpg (67190 bytes)

....I be the old man on the right and that is not my wife!

The party continued outside..

.1995_reunion_6.jpg (55455 bytes)

 Cocoa Beach's finest was there to protect us....

.1995_reunion_9.jpg (52636 bytes)...

from what I am not sure. Notice everybody standing around with a drink in their hand.

Reinforcements arrive...

1995_reunion_5.jpg (69961 bytes)


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