Pictures from the 1985 Reunion



It all started out as your typical reunion gathering.........1985_reunion_1.jpg (51783 bytes)......everyone sitting around the table.

Bonnie was thinking that she could take me (she's been lifting weights ya know).....1985_reunion_5.jpg (49264 bytes) ......and ya know what?

She did! 1985_reunion_2.jpg (37289 bytes)

Now I'll bet that you are thinking that I took a picture of Steve Benn who was taking a picture of me, Right?

Well, ya see, I just had to take this picture because Steve got his eyebrows stuck in the camera! ...1985_reunion_4.jpg (87511 bytes)

I thought Mary Schindehette and Martha Lynn McAllister were going to split a gut over that one...1985_reunion_6.jpg (79219 bytes)

Steve lost most of his eyebrow and had to wear sunglasses the rest of the day .....1985_reunion_10.jpg (92579 bytes)  He isn't smiling

either is he?  Speaking of sunglasses would you look at the sunglasses that Richard Lake is wearing

1985_reunion_8.jpg (91973 bytes) Kinda reminds me of the glasses that blind people wear......Oh, by the way.....Richard Lake is

now Dr. Lake, Dr. of Optometry.

I guess Paul Bennett spent so much time in the Air Force that he just couldn't get use to not having

a cap on his head......1985_reunion_3.jpg (58633 bytes)

This is Sarah Margaret Sears.....1985_reunion_7.jpg (56220 bytes) .....the perfect Southern Bell.

We have no idea what Mary Ellen Williams was chasing.....1985_reunion_9.jpg (99803 bytes)  ..She was the only one present who

could see them !

And finally last, but not least, the unofficial mascot of the Class of 1965.....Louis Ricks...1985_reunion_11.jpg (95748 bytes)